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Forté Power Clean Products


Fuel Injection

Clean fuel injectors, intake valves, and the combustion chamber of your vehicle with Forté’s highly concentrated cleaning solution. Even better, this product can be used without the need to remove fuel injectors or to dismantle the engine. No fuss, no hassle – just quality results.

Diesel Turbo

For superior performance of your vehicle’s diesel engine, Forté’s diesel turbo power clean product delivers. This highly effective solution treats and cleans turbocharger turbines and variable geometry vanes without the need to dismantle the engine or components thereof. The product is applied through direct injection into the combustion chamber and delivers quick and reliable results.

Air Intake

Contaminated inlet manifolds and inlet valves within your vehicle’s air intake can be efficiently cleaned with Forté’s specialised air intake cleaning product. Through direct injection into the air intake with a specialised tool, the cleaner effectively removes contaminants without the need to dismantle the engine. Depending on location, this product can also be effective on EGR valves.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel engines experiencing limp mode or failures starting up can be treated with specialised Forté DPF cleaner. Remove soot, ash, and contaminants blocking your diesel engine’s DPF and restore full efficiency and fuel economy to your vehicle with Forté’s DPF treatment solution.

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